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Noah’s Ark Nursery Hours

Sunday 8:30am - 12pm

Summer Hours:10:00-11:00


Sign In Procedures

1.Please sign your child or children in on the clipboard provided.  Enter all information required. Please be sure to include special information regarding allergies, feedings,  diaper/potty information.

2.Please use the name tags provided.  There are 3 per child.   Use the name tags as follows:  1 for the diaper bag, 1 to place on the back of your child’s clothing, and 1 to keep with you.  This name tag will serve as your ID for picking up your child.

3.Upon picking your child up, please sign your child out on the clipboard.


Please be sure to label all belongings with your child’s name.  A lost and found is located in the nursery.  Please be sure to check frequently for lost items. Items in the diaper bag should include 2-3 diapers/underwear, wipes, and a change of clothes.  Sippy cups and snacks are acceptable.  Please be sure to label sippy cups.   

Health and Safety

To prevent the spread of illnesses, upon entering the nursery each child’s hands will be washed.   Please refrain from bringing your child to the nursery if he/she has had a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea in the past 24 hours.  As an extra precaution children with severe runny noses and wet coughs should be kept at home.  Please use the same judgment you would use for sending your child to school.


To ensure the safety of children with allergies, please be sure to inform the staff if your child has an allergy. A master list will be created to be posted in the nursery. Snacks will only be distributed if they meet the allergy guidelines.

Please stop by the nursery and take a look at changes taking place.  We welcome all families and look forward to seeing you during the week and on Sundays. 


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Our Staff


August 2017




Sunday (8/20)

      Worship      10:00 am


Tuesday (8/22)

      Session 7:00 pm


Sunday (8/27)

     Worship       10:00 am

       Church Picnic after













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 Our Staff 

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